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All the dolls are produced of high-quality non-toxic platinum-based silicone. This silicone is made in USA.

Each doll has a skeleton manufactured of flexible copper wire and steel cores. The skeleton allows to bend only those parts of the silicone body which are similar to human's parts bendable with the help of joints. Dolls can sit, bend their knees and elbows, raise their hands. Each doll can turn her head and bend her waist. Dolls can stand only with support.

1/4 scale dolls have breast filled with soft silicone gel. The hair on the head are rooted one by one. There was used a special glue for better fixing the hair's ends inside of the doll's head.

The material of the hair depends on the doll's style so the author uses mohair, high quality synthetic fibers or natural hair. Eyes are made of acrylic or glass.

The author's initials “EA” can be seen on the neck of each doll. Every doll of the mold “Ainhoa” also has a serial number.

Mold “Ainhoa”
Created in 2015. Limited edition (25 copies). Height - 41 cm, weighs - about 1 kilo. Body parameters: waist - 14 cm, hips – 22 cm, bust - 24 cm. Every doll of mold “Ainhoa” has on-of-a-kind face, and because of this the cost of manufacturing is higher. At the same time every doll is unique. A special model was created for every face. Every form was used only once.


Elena's dolls are not meant for kid's play. Despite the fact that each doll can be easily bent for imitating various human poses, it's strongly recommended not to bend these dolls as often as the well-known dolls which are made specially for kids.

Elena's dolls tolerate washing with soap and water, but scrubbing the surface by any metal or plastic thing (ring on your finger, for example, or bast wisp in your hand) can cause the damage of the matting layer.

Bend the doll's fingers carefully – the metal details inside can pierce the silicone which is thin at these parts.

Please observe these simple but necessary rules because the material of Elena's dolls is very special. If the damage is cased by mishandling, the returns won't be accepted.

Silicone handmade doll Nerea. 1:4. (E.A.D.) No sale. Raffle

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